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Thu, May 19, 2022 9:52 PM (Europe/London)
This class is about stretching with the intention to optimize your athletic performance. Prevent injury, recovery better, and improve performance by addressing flexibility, stretching, stability and proper positions and movement mechanics that support your workout. My Style of Mobility takes inspiration from several styles of movements. You can say it is an eclectic mix of exercises designed to increase your core strength and range of motion. It is really important that we are looking after our joints and tendons, after all, they play an important factor in how well we move, without them we will not able to move at all. I have fought professionally for several years and trauma after trauma I was not able to move as before and it is thanks only to the mobility drills that I can now move even better than before regaining the full control of own my mobility. This is a class that I am very proud to share with you because includes so many aspects of my own training, a training that will resolve back problems, realigned your posture, increase your R.O.M. and also develop a much needed stronger core muscles to stabilize our body at every move.

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